Popcorn Culture Women in Horror Month (Blog Series)

Location: http://jiffypopculture.blogspot.com

Date: Ongoing during February 2015

Contact: brennan_klein@yahoo.com

Website/Social Media Links: http://jiffypopculture.blogspot.com/2015/02/women-in-horror-month-what-you-missed.html

Description: My blog is celebrating Women in Horror Month in style, with periodical lists throughout the month celebrating the women that make the genre great, both on and off screen.


February 1, 2015- Women In Horror Month: What You Missed

February 5, 2015- Women Are From Venus

February 7, 2015- Women In Horror Month: Topless Crusaders

February 13, 2015- Women In Horror Month: Mother Dearest 

February 21, 2015- Women in Horror Month: Fashion Victims