The Whorer Presents Episode 85: Trouble Every Day (Podcast)

Women in Horror Month 2016 Podcast

Event: The Whorer Presents Episode 85: Trouble Every Day (Podcast)

Date: February 8, 2016

Location: Online via

Organizer(s):  Feminist Furry and Meredith Widnoon


Website/Social Media:

Description: In celebration of Women in Horror Month, The Whorer Podcast presents: EPISODE 85: TROUBLE EVERY DAY

This year we’ll be discussing Claire Denis’ TROUBLE EVERY DAY – an erotic horror film with lots of blood!

In the meantime, check out what we’ve done for Women in Horror Months past:

About Us: Horror fanatic Feminist Furry and hir pal Meredith Widnoon offer feminist critical analyses of horror films and TV shows – the awesome, the terrible, and everything in between. We currently record monthly podcasts and occasionally involve ourselves in other shenanigans like live-tweets and fan conventions. Our approach is neither entirely academic nor fangirl/boy-ish – we do our best to lurk in the margins.