Gwendolyn Kiste’s Women in Horror Blog Series (2017)

Event: Gwendolyn Kiste’s Women in Horror 2017 Blog Series

Date: February 1-28th, 2017

Organizer(s):  Gwendolyn Kiste


Details: Throughout the month of February, writer Gwendolyn Kiste will be interviewing nine of her fellow authors and editors about their love of the horror genre.

Featured authors include Eden Royce, Wendy Wagner, Julia Benally, K.Z. Morano, Scarlett R. Algee, Kristi DeMeester, Lori Titus, Farah Rose Smith, and Miracle Austin.

This four-part series will highlight everything from favorite authors and overlooked horror masterpieces to the directions these amazing writers hope to see the genre heading in the future.