2015 Program

(Doors Open at 1:30pm)

(Starts at 2:00pm)

Postpartum – Directed by Izzy Lee. Written by Izzy Lee and Christopher Hallock.
Abort – Directed by BJ Colangelo. Written by BJ Colangelo and Zach Shildwachter.
Mother for Dinner (The Last Supper) – Written and Directed by Nataša Prosenc Stearns.
Beauty Shot – Written and Directed by Leticia De Bortoli.
Small Talk – Written and Directed by Nicole Solomon.
Penta – Written and Directed by Andrea Mark Wolanin.
Maid of Horror – Directed by Caitlin Koller. Written by Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith.
Awakening – Written and Directed by Rina-fay London Monroe.
Prognosis – Written and Directed by Michelle Sabato.
Gogol to Hell – Written and Directed by Eli Lewy.
Recipe – Written and Directed by Olivia Saperstein.
Chomp – Written and Directed by Lynne Hansen.


Panelists Include:

Izzy Lee (Postpartum, A Favor)
Leticia De Bortoli (Beauty Shot)
Lynne Hansen (Chomp)
Nicole Solomon (Small Talk)
Porcelain Dalya (Penta/Actress)
Rina-Fay London Monroe (Awakening)

(Starts around 5:30pm)

AWFF attendees are the first lucky audience to see a new sizzle reel for the multimedia documentary,  MY FINAL GIRL: The Black Women of 70’s Horror.  This sneak peek will be followed by a live discussion with filmmaker Kristina Leath-Malin moderated by Graveyard Shift Sisters founder, Ashlee Blackwell.

(Starts around 6:30pm)

Don’t Look Down – Written and Directed by Dionne Copland
Night Terrors – Written and Directed by Merinda Staubli
Crayones – Directed by María Laura Umaña. Written by María Laura Umaña and Jose Ernesto Valverde.
Scissor Man – Written and Directed by Sara Caldwell.
Dr. Dreadful’s Creepshow – Written and Directed by Megan Petasky.
Chained – Written and Directed by Cassandra Sechler.
The Appointment – Written and Directed by Pia Starklauf Thrasher.
A Favor – Directed by Izzy Lee. Written by Chris Hallock.
Deadpan – Written and Directed by Gloria Mercer
The Binding House – Directed by Kristen Laffey. Written by Kristen Laffey and Julian Goza.
Time Played – Written and Directed by Maria Askedal.
Reborn – Directed by Tonjia Atomic. Written by Tonjia Atomic and Chris Strauss.
Ten Past Two – Written and Directed by Jamey Hastings.
Thinker – Written and Directed by Alexandra Hargreaves
Sunnyville Security – Directed by Shelby Wilson. Written by Mitchell Rowland.
Hell Desk – Written and Directed by Marleen Irani.
Call Girl – Written and Directed by Jill Gevargizian.
Cowboy Kill Club – Written and Directed by Jessica Parsons and Gabrielle Lim.


Substance – Written and Directed by Barbara Stepansky.
El Gigante – Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero. Written by Shane McKenzie.
Having a Shower – Written and Directed by Emilia Ruiz.
Seiren – Written and Directed by Kat Threlkeld.
Little Lamb – Written and Directed by Heidi Lee Douglas

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