02 Feb

The Cinedump.com Women in Horror Month Extravaganza

Event: The Cinedump.com Women in Horror Month Extravaganza

Date: February 1st-28th, 2017

Location: Online

Organizer(s):  Preston Fassel

Contact: prestonfasel@yahoo.com

Website: www.cinedump.com

Description: Throughout the month of February, Preston Fassel and Pennie Sublime will be profiling 28 women in horror and feminist horror films!

Come back every day to the reviews and interviews sections of Cinedump.com as Preston and Pennie talk to established legends and the up-and-comers of tomorrow, and take a look at films from a perspective you might never have considered before.

You might see your favorite films in a whole new light– or find a new favorite filmmaker!

02 Feb

Favorite Horror Films of Women Horror Authors (Blog Series)

Event: Favorite Horror Films

Date: February 1-28th, 2017

Location: Online

Organizer(s): Nina D’Arcangela

Contact: darc.nina@gmail.com

Website: https://darcnina.wordpress.com/

Details:  For each day in February, I’ll be featuring a horror authors pick for top five horror films staring strong leading ladies, and why they love them so much!

Nina is also organizing two other events during February! A Flash Fiction Challenge and publishing dark prose.

02 Feb

Write Her Story: A Women in Horror Month Flash Fiction Challenge

Event: Write Her Story: A Flash Fiction Challenge

Date: February 1-28th, 2017

Location: Online

Organizer(s): Nina D’Arcangela

Contact:  darc.nina@gmail.com

Website: https://ninadarc.wordpress.com

Description: ‘Write Her Story’ is a picture-prompt flash fiction challenge on Spreading the Writer’s Word.

It will feature 28 female horror authors who will write 28 different flash fiction pieces based on one of four images.

A new author will offer her interpretation of the image that was assigned to her each day throughout the month of February!

02 Feb

Women in Horror Month “XX” Screening

Event:  Women in Horror Month “XX” Screening

Date: Friday, 2/17

Time: 10:00pm

Location:  Film Bar 815 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

Cost: $9

Organizer(s): Film Bar

Contact:  theresaldillon [a] hotmail.com

Website: http://thefilmbarphx.com,  http://www.horrorscifi.com

Details: Film Bar presents “XX,” an all female horror anthology featuring new work from Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Jovanka Vuckovic. Friday, Feb. 17th.

Become a special part of the event by taking this survey! Please feel free to share and pass along to other women horror lovers. The more, the better! Thank you all for your participation! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6H75YLV

XX-Press-Release (pdf)

02 Feb

Nasty Women (MsHorror.com)

Event:  Nasty Women Blog Series – MsHorror.com

Date: Throughout February

Location: Online

Organizer(s): Dark Allie (Alison Hill) @AlisonMHill

Contact: serenmedia [a] gmail.com

Website: http://www.mshorror.com/

Details: Nasty Women! is a series of blogs and interviews about women and the macabre. What draws women to horror? What kind of stories do we prefer? Why do we love to be (safely) scared? We’ll be asking these questions and more during the whole month of February. Does motherhood change our taste in entertainment? Can moms handle watching Rosemary’s Baby or First Born for instance? Find out in our special blog series: Horror Moms. And we’ll also see how many grandmas out there like this stuff. What makes them tick?

Who are the female horror greats? What themes have been explored by women in horror? We’ll take a look at some of the creators of horror past and present, from Mary Shelley to modern authors and directors.

Our special interview this month is with horror writer/director Karen Lam (Evangeline 2013), Chiral (2015), and The Meeting (2013).

Come and get nasty with us!

02 Feb

Dark Prose from The Dark Angel

Event:  Dark Prose from The Dark Angel

Date: Weekly throughout February

Location: Online

Organizer(s): Nina D’Arcangela (@Sotet_Angyal)

Contact: darc.nina [a] gmail.com

Website: https://sotetangyal.com/

Details: Nina D’Arcangela will be featuring four pieces of dark prose inspired by picture-prompts on my personal writing blog, Sotet Angyal – The Dark Angel. One piece of fiction will be featured for each of the four weeks in February.

02 Feb

Women in Horror Month Short Film Showcase (Toronto, Ontario)

Event:  Women In Horror- Short Film Showcase

Date: February 24, 2017

Time: 7pm

Location: D-Beatstro //1292 Bloor Street W, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1N9

Cost: Free!

Organizer(s): Toronto Indie Horror Fest

Contact: toindiehorrorfest@gmail.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1163969763711213/


Toronto Indie Horror Fest Presents WiHM Short Film Showcase

February is Women In Horror Month and we’ll be showcasing some of the best up and coming femme film makers from around the globe!


Smile (U.S) (13.52)
Director- Chelsea Robinson
A suffocating relationship between a teenage girl and her doll escalates into something sinister on Halloween night when her boyfriend pays a visit.

Cleaning House (U.S) (5.12)
Director- Andrea Wolanin
Two young women arrive at a house cleaning job, but their intent is anything but sanitary – they wander the barren rooms, drinking the wine and digging into the secrets of the owners. But the home is not as empty as it seems, and it’s not long before their innocent fun is destroyed by violence and terror.

+much more tba!

02 Feb

Women in Horror Month Blog Talks (Seeking Submissions!)

Event: Women in Horror Month Blog Talk

Date: February 20th-24th, 2017

Organizer(s): Wendy Howard

Contact: whoward65@outlook.com

Website: http://wjhoward.com

Details: Need something to do during Women in Horror Month? Here’s an opportunity to join group blog talks February 20th to 24th. The talks feature creative women in the horror genre talking about horrific topics and their favorite peers.


There are 5 topics for the ladies participating in the blog talks. Men are welcome to join in on the Tuesday and Thursday posts because the topics are about the ladies. Join in on as many topics as you like. See the website for topics. Your responses to topics will post with 3-4 other participants in other people’s blogs. You can also add giveaways and drawings to your responses. It’s as simple as filling out this form.

How does it work?

Be Featured in Blog Posts: There are 5 topics for the ladies participating in the blog talks. Men are welcome to join in on the Tuesday and Thursday posts because the topics are about the ladies. Each topic has an assigned post date during the February 20th to 24th time frame–dates and topics are below. Join in on as many topics as you like. Your responses to topics will post with 3-4 other participants in other people’s blogs. You can also add giveaways and drawings to your responses.

Volunteer Your Blog for a Post: We need bloggers to feature submissions for 3-4 participants. You’ll receive a document with everything you need to add your assigned blog post with the ladies responses. You can volunteer for specific topics if you like.

Help Promote the Participants: Everyone participating will promote the blog posts during the week on social media. You’ll receive a plan on how to best help promote the talks.

Below are the topics and schedule:

Monday, February 20th: Choice of Weapons: What have been your favorite weapons to use in your work? Talk about a weapons scene in your work. Or, write something you know about weapons and their use that horror fans would enjoy reading.

Tuesday, February 21st: Favorite Women in Horror: Of the women who create horror, who do you admire? Who do you love? These can be writers, directors, artists, actors, characters, etc. Include a short paragraph on why. Yes, you can add more than one lady you admire.

Wednesday, February 22nd: Scary Confessions: Tell a story about the things that scare the crap out of you. How have your worst nightmares influenced your work.

Thursday, February 23rd: Evil Women Personified in Pop Culture: There are many stereotypes of evil women such as the Witches in Disney movies, the evil stepmother, women of success, the friend who turns psychotic, women killers, and more. Contribute something favorable or critical about these personas as they relate to the horror genre. Talk about women in history who embody evil and have influenced the horror genre. Or discuss how these stereotypes perpetuated in books, movies, and other media.

Friday, February 24th: Torture: Let’s talk torture both physical and psychological. Share something about torture scenes in your own work. Share an example of torture you admire in another writer/artists work. Or share anything else about this topic.
Enter 200-500 word about torture

02 Feb

The Whorer Presents a (new) WiHM PSA for 2017!

Check out this absolutely KILLER Women in Horror Month (2017) PSA created by Feminist Furry!

Watch Feminist Furry’s 2015 PSA here & then tune in for the The Whorer special WiHM episode on February 13th!


About Us:  Horror fanatic Feminist Furry and hir pal Meredith Widnoon offer critical feminist analyses of horror films and TV shows – the awesome, the terrible, and everything in between. We currently record monthly podcasts and occasionally involve ourselves in other shenanigans like live-tweets and fan conventions. Our approach is neither entirely academic nor fangirl/boy-ish – we do our best to lurk in the margins.

02 Feb

That Horrible Woman (Podcast)

Event: That Horrible Woman (Podcast)

Date: February 1st-28th, 2017

Organizer(s): Rhys THW

Contact: rhys@thathorriblewoman.com

Website: http://thathorriblewoman.com

Social Media: https://twitter.com/THW_Podcast

Details: That Horrible Woman Podcast brings a new vibe of horror and dark speculative fiction.

We will be featuring stories featuring female characters and some amazing women authors throughout February to celebrate Women in Horror Month.

Listen up for a good scare!