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Hi all! Amber Newberry from FunDead Publications here!  


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15/02/2017 8:11 pm  

Just thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new to the Women in Horror community... well... new to the website, anyway. 

I'm the creator and Editor-in-Chief of FunDead Publications, a women-run horror and gothic publisher of all things dark and macabre. FunDead has been publishing print work for just over a year, our first release, Shadows in Salem, came out in September of last year, our second, O Horrid Night, in November! We are new to the blogging game, but we are actively seeking submissions of short gothic and horror stories (up to 3k words) and freaky flash fiction (up to 300 words) for the blog. We also occasionally publish silly weird/dark/horror-related articles, and publishing resource posts (i.e. How To Format Short Story Manuscripts, How to Write a Cover Letter, etc.)

We also have an open call for Salem themed dark and horror poetry submissions. We will also be opening submissions up at the end of the month for a sister anthology to Shadows in Salem, so writers, be on the lookout for that announcement! We've got some amazing things planned for late 2017, including a *very* nostalgic illustrated anthology that is certain to delight and horrify any 80's and 90's kids.

FunDead is also known for exceptional horror-reading events. We hosted live readings at Black Veil Tattoo that drew a packed house last September, and have a Women in Horror event planned for 2/28 at The Witch House, here in Salem. And, because we are a little eccentric, I often emcee these evenings in a full Victorian Mourning costume. You have to set the atmosphere, people! If you happen to be near enough to Salem, keep an eye peeled for announcements because we love to feature fresh meat... erm... new readers.

For anyone seeking advice, we'd love to answer questions, if we can. We are still a young operation and learn new and exciting things with each passing month and each passing release, but FunDead began as a resource for new and emerging writers, so we are happy to help if we can. Who knows, maybe we'll pick up some ideas for future 'publishing help' posts for the FunDead Blog. 

If you happen to be a writer, and maybe you're just testing the water, check out our submissions pages and think about sending us some of your work.

Looking forward to spending time here on the forum, both lurking and actively posting. Thanks for this fantastic resource!

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16/02/2017 1:32 am  

FunDead looks interesting! I wish you all the best of luck with it. 🙂

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16/02/2017 6:01 pm  

Hi Amber!!
Thank you so much for being the first to post in this section on our new forum! Since you are seeking submissions feel free to cross post to the "Seeking Submissions" section as well. <3

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