04 Feb

The Slaughtered Bird Celebrates Women in Horror Month 2016


Event: CELEBRATING Women In Horror Month 2016 with The Slaughtered Bird!

Date: February 2nd – 29th, 2016

Location: TheSlaughteredBird.com

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/The-Slaughtered-Bird


Description:  The Slaughtered Bird is a dedicated independent horror website, helping to promote, review and celebrate worldwide talent within the genre.

This month, we aim to celebrate WOMEN IN HORROR by publishing a series of interviews with some of the genre’s brightest talent, who have helped shape our nightmares and stir our imaginations. #SlaughteredBird #WiHM


26 Jan

Popcorn Horror Celebrates #WiHM7!


Event: A collection of  Monthly Posts, Reviews, Interviews, and more.

Date: February 1, 2016 – February 28, 2016

Location: Online (see links below)

Organizer(s):  Cara Clark, Popcorn Horror

Contact: cara@popcornhorror.com

Website/Social Media: http://www.popcornhorror.com



Description: Throughout February, we will again be showing our support for the Women in Horror cause. This will involve retrospective articles on iconic women in the industry, interviews with women working in the horror industry, Top Tens and countdowns, and support for indie projects created by women.

26 Feb

Horror Tree Presents: A Women in Horror Month Blog Series

Horror Tree WiHMLocation: http://www.horrortree.com

Date: Ongoing through February 2015

Contact: contact@horrortree.com

Organizer(s): HorrorTree.com

Website/Social Media Links: http://www.horrortree.com

Description: For this year’s Women in Horror Month, Horror Tree will be providing a variety of interviews and guest posts by some of our favorite authors!


Chantal-Noordeloos-180x300February 7, 2015- Story Worms: Interview with Chantal Noordeloos, a Women in Horror Month Special

Excerpt: “As part of WiHM, I have interviewed fellow female horror writer, Chantal Noordeloos. When she’s not raising her supervillain daughter, Chantal writes the stories that haunt her most. She’s a self-proclaimed genre floozie, who battles demons as easily as she travels through rips in space and time. If she had a warning label, it would read: “Warning, contains shenanigans.”

A lot of people use the argument that ‘women don’t write horror’, and that’s bull. There may be less female authors out there than male in the genre, but we’re there… and there are quite a few of us. What I’ve learned so far is that quite a few people shy away from female authors. What I suspect is that people assume that if horror is written by a woman, it will automatically focus on romance somehow. I’ve been told that women can’t write ‘real horror’, and that we don’t go as ‘deep’ or as ‘far’ as men do. To anyone who thinks that, I invite you to read my novel, or even my short stories. There is little I shy away from. I write brutal stuff


February 19, 2015- WiHM: Angel of Death in Horror

Excerpt: “It’s the ultimate high. Here, why don’t you come on over and try it? Everyone is doing it. All you have to do is give in. All you have to do is take a step, and then a leap and I’ll catch you because that’s what I do. Didn’t you know what you were getting into before you decided to take my hand? There’s no going back now.  Look down, you’ll see where you came from, but only I know where you’re going.

Death. It’s the end of everything and yet something we all have to face. Don’t you agree?”


February 21, 2015- WIHM: Being Accepted As A Young Writer

Excerpt: “An interview with Mariesa Inez  whose short “Seven Minutes” will be released in the upcoming ‘Paying the Ferryman’ anthology.” -Jerry Benns 


February 22, 2015- WiHM: Short Kisses And Dark Nights

Excerpt: The relationship between the writer and the reader has been described as an intense but brief love affair, distant yet freakishly intimate. While a novel can be seen as a lengthy romance, Stephen King suggested “a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.” – Amanda Hard


February 25, 2015– WiHM: What Horror Means To Me

Excerpt: I can still remember sitting on the couch as a child watching Psycho with my mom. She had enjoyed watching Alfred Hitchcock films growing up and wanted to share this interest with me. I watched the film with wide eyes; scared but unable to take my eyes away. It took me about a year to be able to shower with my eyes closed after that, but somehow it didn’t deter me. My interest in horror only grew.

In elementary school while other kids were interested in shows like Teletubbies and reading The Boxcar Children series, I was watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? and reading R.L. Stine Fear Street books  -Heidi Lane


February 28, 2015-  WiHM: Women Editing In Horror

Excerpt: “In my experience as an editor of horror, I have worked on some horror stories from women that were for lack of a better word—extreme.  Women horror writers can kick ass when it comes to writing hard-core horror and do not pull any punches.  I’ve read plenty of stories with blood and gore and terrifying monsters and there was still a good story plot. Women can write extreme horror. Not every vampire a woman writes about is going to brood and whine and pose, they are going to eat their victim’s face off. Women are able to hang with the best of the men and I have read/edited stories that made me a little squeamish. As an editor my job is to make sure the story is as strong as possible.  What I have seen is in between the gore and action are very good, solid stories of horror.  There is a market out there for extreme horror and women are able to deliver with the best of them—everything from psychopathic killers to the most fantastical monsters.”  – Margaret L. Colton

06 Feb

Horror and Her Makers Interview Series

indie women in horror

Location: www.horrormade.blogspot.com

Date:  Every Monday during February 2015

Organizer(s): Jeanette Andriulli

Contact: jeanette.art@gmail.com

Website/Social Media Links: www.horrormade.blogspot.com

Description: Every Monday will feature an interview with a female creator of indie horror films. We’ll be talking to professionals who do everything from Directing to Costume Designing to Acting and Special Effects. Every Wednesday will be a new post about the many places you can find women creating for the horror genre. And each Friday is your chance to enter to win an original Horror-Made piece of art featuring some of the genre’s favorite heroines.


February 2, 2015-  Horror and Her Makers: Interview with Director Emily Hagins 

b659a1cc94a3e6d77119ea6d057ccf18_400x400Excerpt:Emily Hagins is kind of an incredible person, and I’m proud to say that I’ve had the privilege to work with her. We worked together on the Chiller Channel’s original anthology movie “5 Senses of Fear.” She started working as a production assistant before most of us realized films were made rather than just magically materialized and she’s been creating quirky fun horror films ever since. If you’re looking for one of the horror industries most kick-ass female directors, you found her. And she’s been making her mark on the industry since she was 12.”

February 4, 2015- Short Film:The Tell Tale Heart and Creator Lyn Kagen

Excerpt: “The University of Connecticut (my alma mater) has one of the only puppetry programs in the USA and one of the top programs in the world. There are always incredible shows coming out of their programs, but there is one in particular that I often find myself reminiscing on, that is The Tell Tale Heart as performed by some of the most disturbing puppets I’ve ever seen. It took a pretty full team of puppeteers, model makers, lighting and camera students to put this project together, and it came out beautifully. Well, beautiful in a weird and twisted macabre Poe way. Thankfully, this MFA thesis project was made into a short film, so I can find and re-watch this performance as man times as I want.



flashesinthedark.comFebruary 6, 2015- Top 5 Sources for Horror Flash Fiction #WiHM 

“Where do all the best female horror flash fiction writers hang out?  All over the place! I frequent the flash fiction sites for inspiration and I figured I’d share of my top 5 sites in conjunction the female horror writers that post on them.”




Bloody-Nose-w_549Feb 9, 2015: Horror and Her Makers: Interview with Special Effects artist Jackie Zabuska

Excerpt: ” I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jackie Zbuska on a multitude of projects, and I’m always pointing people her way when they need someone to do their blood effects. Her work is constantly blowing me away. She first started working in film as a make-up artist when she was 19 and has been steadily working her way upwards and onwards ever since. I’ve personally hired her to make my monster for  episode three of my web-series- Haunting Light. And you may have even seen her work already, since she’s worked on films for SyFy, Chiller and Lifetime.”



maryshelly2Feb 11, 2015: Women Writing Horror

Excerpt: “Today is pretty much just a list, a list of women horror writers That I have read and enjoy coupled with the ones I have heard about and want to read. You may also realize just how many books I read at the same time… I may have a problem…

NAH! Bring me more books!”




Feb 16. 2015:  Horror and Her Makers: Interview with costume designer Tammy Gibbens

Excerpt: “Tammy is one of the most unflappable on-set personalities you could ever meet. She rocks the wardrobe department in whichever position she is placed and has an incredible eye for detail. She’s done some great work in the horror genre, and so I wanted to talk to her about her experiences as a wardrobe supervisor and costume designer for film.”



11022567_707775669340560_6825543214072666254_nFebruary 25, 2015-  Soska Sisters hear the Siren’s Call and discover the Devil Within 

Excerpt:  “With February drawing to a close, and women in horror month along with it, there are a few projects that I want to draw your attention to.

First off , Nina D’Arcangela, Gloria Bobrowicz and Julianne Snow have published the next issue of Siren’s magazine. This month is “Whisper’s in the dark” and is- of course- an all women created collection of horror art, poems and short stories.”