30 Jan

Ghoulish Goddess Night (Chicago, IL)

Women in Horror Chicago

Event: Ghoulish Goddess Night

Date: February 26, 2017

Time: 7pm

Location: Chicago Comics // 3244 N. Clark Street // Chicago, IL

Organizer(s): 7 Deities Cosplay

Contact:  7DeitiesCosplay@gmail.com

Website: http://7deitiescosplay.com/women-in-horror-month-8/

Details: 7 Deities Cosplay is hosting a live reading event for women horror writers at Chicago’s Premiere comic shop Chicago Comics.

This after-hours event is for female horror writers in the Chicago community to network, find new readers, and connect with like minds outside of the digital space.

Submissions for participating authors are open until February 11th.

Gourmet wine, chocolate, and cheese will be served for all Ghoulish Goddesses in attendance.