Get Involved

There are many ways you can support and take part in Women in Horror Month! In fact, without your involvement, WiHM wouldn’t exist as anything more than an idea.

You are the movement. That is just a fact. A real fact. 

Over the last 8 years supporters around the world have carved out new spaces in their communities to showcase the work of women in the horror genre arts. By setting up these film screenings, hosting panel discussions (in person and online), holding art shows, organizing networking meetups, writing blog series’ and creating special podcast episodes (and beyond) you have single-handily expanded the opportunities for women to showcase their visions and hard work.

 We have a long way to go but we are certainly making noticeable progress with the passing of each year.

The following suggestions are intended to inspire you. No prior experience necessary! Be sure to share you plans with us so we can add them to the Events database and promote your awesomeness across our social media platforms.

  1. Launch a film screening in your community.
    This can be small, like in your living room with friends, or as big as finding theater space and inviting the public.
  2. Host a reading (at a venue or online)for female horror writers.
    Are you a horror fiction writer? Get some friends together and invite local writers to do a reading at a local bookstore or library. You can even have an open mic for the community to take part.
  3. Host a panel discussion (in person or video) with local horror artists and fans.
    You can get local horror artists and fans together and host a panel discussion about women in any and all facets of the horror universe. You can even contact your local college campus and reach out to the film and/or women’s studies departments.
  4. Put on a horror art show in your community or online.
    Are you a visual artist or fan of horror artwork? Put out a call for submissions for an art show! You can hold it in your house for friends or talk to people who run public spaces such as libraries, bookstores, or galleries about your idea. Art could even be auctioned with the money going to a charity of your choice.
  5. Create a skillshare event/workshop/meet up for women in your community.
    Are you excellent with horror FX/Makeup?  Put together a workshop teaching other women your special skill (in person or online). Looking to network and meet local women genre artists? Organize a meet-up and have coffee together.
  6. Create something!
    Make a short film, write a short story, learn how to make creepy dolls, or work on that article you’ve been meaning to write. Use your imagination. Have fun!
  7. Use your blog and/or podcast to participate.
    You can do one post or even a full series on any aspect of women and horror during the month of February. This may include interviews, write ups on female horror characters, fiction/non fiction writers, there is no limit! Don’t think you will have the ability to blog during February? Help spread the word by sharing other blog posts you enjoy with your friends.
  8. Make a Massive Blood Drive Public Service Announcement (PSA).
    Create a short video PSA with a horror twist encouraging people to give blood! This could be a great way to pick up a camera for the first time while sending out an important message. Along side that, DONATE BLOOD! Send us a pic or video of your life saving deed and we will share it with everyone.
  9. Write letters to media outlets.
    Write to your local newspaper or relevant media outlets and tell them what WiHM is all about and why covering women artists is so critical to our advancement in the industry.
  10. Think outside the box.
    In 2011, horror fan and festival founder, Jennifer Cooper, dyed her hair red and encouraged others to follow suit for Feb. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have a great idea not listed? Share your thoughts with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!